To facilitate testing of the new platform, OHDP sought out projects that were already in development and approved by MOH. These projects are expected to produce tangible results within 6 months.

This initial slate of projects will:

  • Support the development of treatment innovations by, for example, predicting outcomes in individual patients or types of patients with COVID-19
  • Develop epidemiological models and insights, so interventions can be made at the population level, or within specific population groups, to reduce the spread of disease
  • Contribute to understanding of COVID-19, for example, identifying risk factors for complications
  • Identify impacts on the health care system that need to be managed, for example, drug usage and costs

As of July 15, OHDP is officially open for business and accepting pre-applications from the wider research community. Researchers may be assisted by the OHDP support team as they develop their proposals. They will be assessed for alignment with government health research priorities, feasibility based on available data, and privacy and ethics considerations. Moving forward, as projects are approved, we will be sharing additional details and information about the projects and their objectives. 

Date modified: 2020-07-14