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OHDP links large health datasets from a variety of sources to create an unprecedented volume of rich, connected data. This integrated approach to data coupled with massive computing power offers researchers the potential to anticipate epidemiological trends, generate new clinical insights and develop treatment innovations to aid in the fight against COVID-19. The platform also supports exploratory research based on machine learning.

Our approach is user-friendly. The OHDP support team will assist researchers in assessing project needs, determining appropriate datasets, and designing a level of data access that aligns with privacy safeguards and legislation. We will also provide onboarding and training for researchers who are not accustomed to working with this type of data platform. This website is your pathway into OHDP. Find out more about the platform, learn about active projects, stay up to date on developments and send us your questions and comments. We want to hear from you!

What does OHDP offer to researchers?

  • High-performance computing to support big data analysis and machine-learning related to COVID-19. 
  • Expedited access to computing resources and data, including clinical and administrative data, with costs covered in full by the Ontario government, if certain requirements are fulfilled.

 What does OHDP want from researchers?

  • Projects that are aligned to COVID-19 Health Research Priorities of the Ministry of Health. Learn More.
  • Timely, real-world insights that can support health, social and business policy priorities, such as support for vulnerable populations, clinical and public health interventions, and re-opening strategies. 
  • Engagement from the research community in the co-design of an Ontario big data platform that is modern, integrated, effective, and researcher-friendly.

COVID-19 Health Research Priorities 

The COVID-19 Health Research Priorities identify research needed to inform Ontario’s COVID-19 response. Applications submitted for access to the OHDP will be assessed by the Ministry of Health for alignment to research priorities.

Compréhension de la maladie

Understanding The Disease

Icon - The outline of two people with a COVID-19 molecule between them. Represents Transmission


Icon - The outline of a microscope and a COVID-19 Molecule. Represents Case Testing & Surveillance

Case Testing & Surveillance

Icon - COVID19 within the outline of a hand. Represents Disease Management

Disease Management

Icon - The outline of a clipboard with a heart on it

Health Equity & Vulnerable Populations

Icon - Outline of Public Health Workers

Public Health Measures

Icon - Outlines of three people in circles. First person has a checkmark, Second person has an X. Represents Infection, Prevention & Control in Specific Settings

Infection, Prevention & Control in Specific Settings

Icon - The outline of three frontline workers inside a shield

Frontline Workers

Icon - The outline of a cargo truck with a looping symbol representing a supply chain

Supply Chain

Icon - The outline of a Bar Chart behind a Line Graph

Data Analytics, Modeling & Measurement

Challenge Questions Initiative

The COVID-19 Challenge Questions Initiative was established by Ontario’s Ministry of Health to help ensure that researchers accessing the Ontario Health Data Platform (OHDP) address high priority COVID-19 research questions that are responsive to the needs of government. The initiative was also open to researchers not using OHDP.

The Challenge Questions Initiative is now closed, with no impact to the OHDP. Projects currently underway with the program will continue towards completion though the program will not be open to any new applications.

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Benefits for the people of Ontario

Better access to integrated data will improve modelling and research to determine how COVID-19 is evolving, ensuring frontline staff are as prepared as possible in these unprecedented times. While access to data is important, we are taking all measures to ensure patient privacy is always respected and Ontarians are aware of how anonymized information may be shared."

Christine Elliott, Deputy Premier and Minister of Health

Integrating data from across the province will allow us to effectively leverage tools, like artificial intelligence, to better understand this virus, how it spreads and the most effective means of combatting it. These key insights will mean our world-class health system partners have secure access to better and more consistent population data, improving decision-making in health care and aiding our efforts to beat COVID-19. The health and safety of Ontarians remains our singular focus — this is another measure that will allow us to continue to deliver on that commitment."

Peter Bethlenfalvy, President of the Treasury Board of Ontario

Date modified: 2023-04-20

Website Accessibility

The Ontario Health Data Platform (OHDP) is committed to making its information accessible to the broadest possible audience, including those accessing with assistive technologies. At the moment, the OHDP site is being further developed to be more inclusive with improved accessibility features. While we continue to build the site, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at info@ohdp.ca if you require assistance in accessing information.