Vaccination Strategy

This research area will focus on informing an optimal COVID-19 vaccination strategy, including determining factors critical to vaccine targeting, messaging, access, roll-out across the population to ensure efficient use of vaccine doses and minimized wastage.

Key Challenge Questions: 

  1. What are the key factors influencing vaccine uptake and coverage across the population?

    1. What are the drivers of vaccine hesitancy?

    2. How can we improve vaccine coverage?

  2. What are the factors influencing access to COVID-19 and influenza vaccination? Analysis should consider changes in how people access their primary care practitioner. How can we improve access to both COVID-19 and influenza vaccination?

  3. What is the relationship between COVID-19 vaccination status and broader health outcomes including COVID-19?

    1. What is the relationship between COVID-19 and influenza vaccination status, and broader health outcomes including COVID-19 and influenza?

  4. How effective is the COVID-19 vaccine and how long does the conferred immunity last at population level? Does COVID-19 vaccination improve the broader health impacts of COVID-19 at the population level? Analysis should consider the expected vaccine timing, type schedule, and supply.

  5. How does vaccination coverage, as well as the efficacy and safety profile of the vaccine, influence the need for ongoing surveillance testing?
Please consider: All analyses should include consideration of population sub-groups, for example: sex, gender, and sexual orientation; people with high risk clinical characteristics; people with physical and/or mental health disabilities; Indigenous peoples and communities; immigrants and refugees; ethno-racial communities; Francophone communities; linguistic communities; religious/faith communities; homeless people; people living on a low income; people receiving social assistance; people using drugs; and people living in rural/remote or inner urban areas. 

Date modified: 2021-11-30