Project Glossary

Commonly used terms in the context of the Ontario Health Data Platform COVID-19.

  • AI – Artificial Intelligence
  • Authorized Researcher*
  • ARC – Advanced Research Computing
  • De-identification*
  • DRI – Digital Research Infrastructure, includes all components of the system including network, software, hardware, HQP, storage, and data management
  • EOI– Expression of Interest
  • HAIDAP – Health Artificial Intelligence Data Analysis Platform
  • HIC – Health Information Custodians
  • HPC – High-Performance Computing
  • HQP – Highly Qualified Personnel
  • IPC – Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario
  • ML – Machine learning
  • MOH – Ministry of Health
  • MOU – Memorandum of Understanding 
  • PIA – Privacy Impact Assessment
  • PI* – Principal Investigator
  • Pseudonymization – data management and de-identification procedure by which personally identifiable information fields within a data record are replaced by one or more artificial identifiers or pseudonyms 
  • Query – A query is a request for data or information from a database table or combination of tables 
  • REB – Research Ethics Board
  • Tokenization*



 *The project team is finalizing consultations with organizations, researchers and privacy experts to confirm terminology usage. 

Date modified: 2020-09-20