Pandemic Waves

This research area will focus on improving our ability to predict the trajectory of COVID-19, understanding multiple COVID-19 waves, its interactions with influenza, and the relative impacts of various public health measures at the population level.

Key Challenge Questions: 

  1. What are the drivers of future pandemic waves?

  2. What is the relative impact of various public health measures on COVID-19 pandemic waves over time?

    1. How does compliance with public health measures at the population level affect future pandemic waves?

  3. What is the potential impact of COVID-19 vaccination on future pandemic waves?

  4. What impact does restarting the health system have on future pandemic waves?

  5. Are there population characteristics or other risk factors that can predict where COVID-19 outbreaks are more likely to begin and expand quickly?
Please consider: All analyses should include consideration of population sub-groups, for example: sex, gender, and sexual orientation; people with high risk clinical characteristics; people with physical and/or mental health disabilities; Indigenous peoples and communities; immigrants and refugees; ethno-racial communities; Francophone communities; linguistic communities; religious/faith communities; homeless people; people living on a low income; people receiving social assistance; people using drugs; and people living in rural/remote or inner urban areas. 

Date modified: 2021-11-30